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What is your process?

    Our process is pretty simple. The goal is to make sure our cert is not a burden to the brand (like many certifications are) and to charge a flat fee, not charging you more for increased revenue or sales volume.


    1. Go here:
    2. Select the number of products that you would like get get certified and check out.
    3. Fill out the form on that page and email it in to us to complete your application.


    *If items don't meet our criteria, a refund will be issued for those items. We never charge you for items that are not verified. 



    What do you charge to certify a product keto?

      Our fee structure is very simple. It’s $500 per year for up to 5 products. Then $100 per product after that. 

      There are no hidden fees and your verification cost does not increase as you grow your business. 


      Are you affiliated with any other certification agencies?

        No, we are not affiliated with any other certification agencies


        I only have (1) product I need to verify. Can I purchase the (5) and just keep the other (4) spots for when I have a product I'd like to use the logo on?

          Yes! The $500 fee is good for up to 5 products, so you won't have to pay anything more for the additional products verified within the first calendar year. 

          Once you have more products available for verification, then you can use those remaining 4 spots for the program. 

          You will need to fill out the application form for the other (4) products before using the verified logo on materials.

          However, please keep in mind that the annual renewal fee will start from the date of the first product verification. 

          Every year do I have to renew the keto certification by just paying $100 per product?

            Yes, the renewal is annual at the same rate. There is no increased cost of renewal due to increased product sales (unlike many other non-governmental certifications like kosher, fair trade etc). We think that's unfair. This annual renewal would include re-review of any re-formulations that you may have on your products, as well as any new products that you would like verified. Our goal is to provide the lowest cost, highest quality keto certification for your products.

            Are your standards based on the USDA regulations?

              There are currently limited USDA regulations as it pertains to keto labeling at this time aside from products carrying the USDA Inspected Seal (like fresh beef, poultry etc.). We do follow those guidelines. Part of our objective is to lead and petition the FDA to help them establish the correct ketogenic, low-carb guidance for the industry as a whole.

              Do you certify menu items at restaurants?

              Yes! We certify menu items as well as packaged products. It’s the same application process for both.

              Once I am verified, where can I use the Keto Project Verified™ logo?

              Once verified, you will receive a certificate. You are then authorized to use the logo on any and all packaging, marketing collateral, sales materials, etc. 


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