The Power Of The Ketogenic Diet

Not only has the ketogenic diet caught fire, it's caught the eye of some of the top education institutions in the country like Stanford. It is a diet that is here to stay. The benefits from eating less sugar is clear. It lowers your blood glucose levels and is a healthier way to live. 

sugar lied - new york times

What's Changed?

As many of you already know, the sugar industry has lied to us for years. They actually used the research universities by paying them off to lie about it. What did they do? They blamed a linty of health ailments on fat instead. Unfair? That's an understatement. Since the year 2015, the Google Trends for ketogenic diets have exploded and there's a reason for that. 

With the democratization of information that the internet has provided every day people, the info is now available to everyone. There's no place for the sugar industry to hide anymore. 

What Does That Mean

That means that it is more important now than ever not to be tricked by bad actors. There still remains a decent amount of confusion around what keto products are for consumers. That is of course the problem that we are solving. Trusting true ketogenic products has been hard for consumers even with their increased interest in the category. 

As a keto industry, we need to band together not only to fight sugar but to guide consumers to high quality keto products. The amount of keto brands has been increasing every month it seems. That's a great thing! 


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