The Keto Project ™

The Keto Project™ is a mission-driven organization dedicated to building and protecting a keto verified food supply. We do this through consumer education and outreach programs provided to keto certified brands. Build by founders of food & beverage CPG brands. We know what it's like to grow.

Made for brands like yours

By owners of brands like yours

These guys are truly the future of how product certifications should work. Most certifications have high, hidden fees that are overly complicated.


It's Straight forward

It's about time there is a product certification that is transparent, easy and affordable for brands. And understood by consumers eating a keto diet. Well, it's here. No hidden fees, no charging you more for growth. We have started CPG brands so we understand what it takes.


The Keto Cert Trusted By The World's Leading Brands

It's too easy to be mislead by inferior certification products. We are here to change that. With an affordable keto certified program.  Not only do we have the most inexpensive, straight forward cert it also carries with it the credibility for your brand. Whether you are a retailer with private label products, a start up or a Fortune 500 business - our program fits all of your needs. 

The ketogenic diet used to be called a fad. But now more than ever, it's important for brands to give consumers the clarity that they need. The concept of keto food and beverages is not clear to consumers. But we are here to help. We have grown food & beverage CPG brands so we know how it is to compete in eCommerce and retail environments. We understand the consumer and what they are looking for. 

As your trusted parter, we can guarantee not only to be there for you for any of your needs. But we have walked miles in your shoes. We know how burdensome it can be dealing with certifications. Our keto program is designed for transparency. We will never punish you for success like the other ones out there. Just because you make more money, doesn't mean that we need to charge you more. That is why our pricing model is simple and static. No matter where your business grows, we're with you.