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Can Be Affordable

We will never punish you for growing your business. That is why our low, annual flat fee is the most scalable keto certification solution for brands both large and small.
hotel_class   $500 flat fee up to 5 UPCs
science   + $100 per UPC after that
calendar_today   Annual Renewal
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Zero Hidden Fees

Brand certifications don't need to be complex or expensive. So why settle for anything else? We have the most simple, affordable and easy certification process to keep your brand equity growing. We believe in product businesses, not in making a fortune charging them unbelievable fees. We are made by CPG operators for CPG operators. That's why we offer simple, affordable, transparent pricing.

After years of handling certifications in compliance and marketing, we decided to make a simple certification process. The pain points were simple: high fees, increased cost with increased brand revenue, and cumbersome compliance processes. We have removed all of these issues with a simple, cost-effective keto certification that makes an impact on the shelf.

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Our Standards

Our standards are simple. We judge products on one attribute and one attribute only, keto compatibility.

They are derived from a consesus based document meant for a balanced ketogenic diet. Standards are based on a macronutritient profile with low net carbohydrate limitations, a list of approved ingredients, and a list of banned ingredeints. Whether you are a startup, fortune 500 or restaurant our standards provide consumers with the trust they need to make a purchase decision. 

We vertify foods, beverages and supplements. Read through the standards in detail or contact us if you have any questions!

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